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Spinning Education

Join the Certified Spinning® Instructor Team!

Transform lives! Spinning® Instructor Training is the most widely recognized indoor cycling training program on the planet. For more than two decades, we've passionately trained Spinning Instructors all around the world through Spinning Instructor Training and continuing education workshops. We provide all the tools and support you need to become an in-demand, Certified Spinning Instructor.

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4th November 2023

About Spinning® Instructor Training

Our comprehensive one-day training, led by a Spinning Master Instructor, prepares you for the online Spinning Instructor Exam and provides you with the knowledge and skills to become a dynamic indoor cycling leader.

Full day training includes:

  • Spinner® bike setup and safety
  • Cycling biomechanics
  • Creating motivating class ride profiles
  • Coaching and teaching skills
  • Spinning Energy Zones™ and heart rate training
  • Visualization techniques to enhance the mind/body connection

You will learn how to:

  • Find the appropriate bike fit settings for yourself and others
  • Ride with optimal technique for safety and performance
  • Understand and use metrics like heart rate, cadence and power
  • Deliver cues that motivate and coach riders to get results
  • Lead a class using predesigned Spinning® class profiles
  • Create your own classes based on ride type or training goals
  • Choose songs and create playlists that complement the terrain, intensity and rhythm of your profile

‘’ Becoming a Spinning® instructor changed my life in so many positive ways! It led me to become an avid outdoor cyclist, which in turn has prompted me to ride in the MS 150. This has been such an incredible opportunity for me for many reasons. As an instructor, I have been blessed to meet such wonderful people that have come through my classes.’’ - Kimberley

During the training, we will also discuss the Spinning Instructor Certification pathway, including continuing education opportunities, and what it takes to become a Spinning Master Instructor.