NZBLUE and Blue Leisure Group
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Business Development

Strategic and Business Planning

The strategic plan is the very foundation for any successful business but if it is not supported by a well thought out, comprehensive business plan, then the odds of success are relatively slim…

As an industry expert, NZBLUE Ltd can assist your strategic and business planning needs with up to date industry data, assistance in “SWOT” analysis, staffing structures, budgeting and financial forecasting, marketing needs assessment, plan templates and training. 

Alternatively, we can perform a detailed analysis of your business and generate an appropriate business plan which supports your strategic goals.

For a confidential discussion and / or fee proposal, please contact us: <insert contact enquiry form same as blue fitness contact us.

Business Development

Do you want to grow your current operations?

Are you considering;

Diversification of services

  • Opening a new / additional facility
  • Tendering for an existing facility or management contract
  • Expansion or major refurbishment.

Or are you unclear as to what direction to take? At NZBLUE Ltd, we can help you grow your business.  

We can provide support and assistance with Strategic reviews, Tender Preparations, Feasibility Studies, Business Plans and Financial Forecasting and Procurement.

We can also assist you in the bedding down of your new initiative during start-up or throughout any transitional period, by providing managerial support.